If you have ever been to a Chiropractor or spoken to someone who goes regularly, they will almost always talk about getting aligned. As chiropractors, we often make analogies to aligning a car when we explain how Chiropractic works and what our treatment goals are.  It really hits home when you ask a patient if they’ve ever driven a car that was out of alignment. Most have and then I ask how long did they drive it? Days? weeks? months? The honest answer is that most of us rarely sense that the car is out of alignment because alignment issue come about slowly and the changes are so minute that we don’t notice the subtle change is handling. What does cue us in that something isn’t right are less the subtle changes like steering issues or strange sounds & smells. Typically, when we notice these issues were aren’t in a position to do anything about them and eventually we forget about them. That is until they get so bad that they make driving very difficult or even impossible.

Well that is how changes occur in our body with one exception; we can’t get new spines or just trade in our bodies.  Even more concerning is that when dealing with spinal misalignments you get the added issue of causing damage to the nerves. Nerves are one of the few parts of the body that cannot be regenerated. Interference of the nerves signals from the brain to the organ and organ to brain can at minimum reduce the efficiency of the body and at worse can cause dysfunction, disease and infirmity.

Many patients only get Chiropractic care when they are broken down. This is costly in so many ways. But the worst issue with treating only when in pain is that you risk deteriorating to a point where healthy movement and function cannot be reestablished. And unlike a car you can’t get a new spine let alone a new body.

Moral of the Story, regular Chiropractic care is Essential to living a long and healthy life.

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