Rynley Catherine is 5 Months old and already has a great smile. We treated Rynley’s mother throughout her pregnancy. She was referred by her Mother who has been a wonderful patient of our office for years.

Not only is Chiropractic safe for pregnant mothers but we get regular referrals OB/Gyn groups. Carrying a baby for 9 months is rough on the body. Rapid weight gain almost exclusive to the belly shifts the entire frame of the body. ¬†Back pain, neck pain, Sciatic and headaches are just a few of the common complaints. The stress isn’t going away until the baby is born and no one wants to medicate during such a crucial time of the child’s development. That’s why Chiropractic is the natural and safe choice by both Mothers and Doctors.

Having practiced for 30 years I have had a few of these little ones like Rynley not only grow up in my office but actually receive care from me during their own pregnancies!

Healthcare has changed over my years in practice; some for the better-some for the worse. But having even the slightest role in the birth of a beautiful and healthy child is still tops with me.

Yours in Health,

David J. Marcon, DC, CCSP, CF-L1

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