The subject of where we will work once the Pandemic is over is a subject that will be debated ad nauseum in the coming months.  The true essence of what makes us productive and happy goes beyond the facilities and convenience. No the issue is and always will be interpersonal communication. Do you feel connected, appreciated and clearly understand your role and the expectations of your job.

I have told me children of the days when we all knew how to write letters in cursive and how the telephone made paper and pen obsolete. When email and texting become popular verbal communication skills not only deteriorated but many became so uncomfortable talking that they texted people just a few steps away. Without the skill of writing the email and text communications of today come across as harsh and scattered.   Being able to formulate ideas in ones mind and then clearly communicate those ideas is a skill that is slowly fading from western society and is part of the disconnectedness that is the modern workplace.

In this article from Blue Zones written by  Jim Clifton, Chairman and CEO of Gallup and Jim Harter, Ph.D., Chief Workplace Scientist at Gallup the idea that poor management skills are the cause of poor work productivity. Companies who have Management who connect and clearly communicate will produce greater productivity from the workforce whether they be in person or remote.

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