This motivational piece is by Adrain Conway from FNX.  FNX is a supplement company that I use and who sends out articles on diet, exercise and the mental approaches necessary for success in all aspects of life. I hope this article hits you like it did me!

“Only I can change my life…”

Do you believe this quote? You should, it is 100% true no matter what you believe, what you’ve gone through or what you’ve experienced in life. And even if you disagree, just because you don’t believe in something doesn’t mean its not true or real. This one is unarguable. Your mindset, your thoughts, your actions, all things within in your own control that will directly effect the things that happen outside of you.

So many of us get the perspective that we need a “break” or we need “help” to get where we want to be or to change our current state of living. None of that is false, in fact it is more true than most people care to recognize. But the question is, how are you asking for help both literally and figuratively. I say those two because there is the actual act of pursuing someones help like reaching out to people, and yes I mean even people that you think may say no, or people you would never assume would be willing to help you or even talk to you. What is the worst thing that can happen? A non response? A no? You’ll live and move on. But what if it’s yes? Exactly, life/game changer. There is also the “figurative” way of asking for help and that is by doing everything you can in your life to make the change or be the change you are looking for. There is an interesting feeling I’ve got about how we are all interconnected to a degree, and people FEEL you, people SEE you. When you are doing things right, when you are putting down relentless effort, and when you are pursuing the change then help often comes to you without ever verbally asking for it.

The whole purpose of this message today is call you to action. You can be out there completely content with where you are, and who you are….for those of you who are I say tread lightly, there is no such thing as being “still” you are only going forward or going backward. Your choice. But for those of you who want to be more, want to be different, only you can do it. You will do it with help, and many breaks, and the aide of others but even for that you’ll have to work for it. It’s you that makes your own bed, and it’s you that sleeps in it, just like it is your life to live, you are the one that makes it.


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