I am excited to partner with Krista Watkins and Thrive Natural Wellness. Krista has an interesting story of how she discovered Nutrition Response Testing and why she is so passionate about helping other women improve their health.

Krista Watkins is a mom that found out the hard way how her nutrition was affecting her newborn baby. A few weeks post-partum, her baby was crying incessantly. After trying seemingly everything to get her crying to subside, Krista, passionate about holistic health, did nutrition response testing and found that there were 7 different foods that were bothering her. After eliminating these items, her baby’s demeanor completely shifted and she turned into a happy, healthy babe.

You hear these “food is medicine” stories time and time again, but this was the first time that I have ever heard about the direct impact that your food sensitivities have on your nursing child.

Krista was so enamored with how nutrition response testing (NRT) helped her and her baby during those formative postnatal time frame that she felt compelled to get certified herself and dedicate her life to helping others find the relief that she (and her baby) felt after NRT.


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